Iron Stream Media provides review and desk copies of any of our publications to professors and instructors interested in using them as part of a classroom assignment.

Review Copies are provided in a pdf or ebook format for evaluation and review. Printed desk copies are provided once a book has been selected for use in the classroom. Both versions are free of charge, but cannot be sold or redistributed in any fashion.

Please review our terms of use below before sending a request.

To request a review or desk copy of any text, please send an email to with the following information:

  • Name

  • Institution

  • Title

  • Class

  • Start date of class

  • Expected number of students

  • Phone number

  • Email address for pdf review copies

  • Academic shipping address for desk copies (we only ship review and desk copies to educational institutions)

  • Stated agreement with our terms of use

Please allow 3 weeks for delivery of printed desk copies.

Terms of Use for Review and Desk Copies

By filing a request, you agree:

  • That you are a member of a teaching staff responsible for making textbook decisions;

  • To use the request service only for its intended purpose;

  • That the provided books will not be sold or given away;

  • To provide feedback on the book, especially if it is not chosen for use in the classroom;

  • That we may store your information for future contact.

Note: Students posing as instructors will be reported to their institution.